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Lord of the Rings Super Freaks Arena

Where the Battle for Middle Earth really takes place!!!

Lord of the Rings Super Freaks
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Rules of Lord of the Rings Super Freaks

(The Boreing Part I know... But It's Got To Be Said! I Know Most Of You Won't Even Read This But Please! It Has Very Important Info In It And I Would Love To Have You Join!!! So Please Read It!!!):

*Only real Lord of the Rings Super Freaks may apply

*You must first read all the rules

*You must then click to join the community

*You must fill out the application below

*An application must be filled out for us even to consider you to be in Lord of the Rings Super Freaks, no application, no joining the community. The application isn't that hard (mostly yes or no questions but feel free to go more indepth if desired) This application is just so we know a bit about you and so we know which team to stick you on! IT'S NOT THE ONLY DECIDEING FACTOR AS TO IF YOU GET IN THE COMMUNITY OR NOT!!! So please do not freak out over it. It's just innocent questions.

*You must put the word GANDALF somewhere within the title of your application

*You must submit your application to Gandalflover16@msn.com your application will then be under review if you have gotten into the community or not.

*You, if you are so lucky to have gotten in, you will be sorted into one of the following groups based upon the answers of your application:

- Hobbits

- Dwarfs

- Elves

- Men

- Wizards

- Orc

*You must post at least once a week. (If not going to be in town just say so!!!)

*You must partipate in weekly quizzes along with your team members

*Each team will work on the questions and elect one person to sumit the answers each week and a person can not be choosen twice in a row to sumit the teams answers.

*If you don't like the group you were put into you must send in a descripive paragraph of why you feel you do not belong in with that group. Then your current group will vote for which group you belong in and which group you will be traded to.

*Anyone can be kicked out at anytime for any reason at the discression of the FREAK master (Gandalfsvixen) or the Vice Freak Master (postal_girl).

*Who ever send in the correct answers first gets the points for that week.

*At the end of each month the team with the most points will become of the Freaks of the month and will create the questions for the following month and their team may not answer the questions for that month.

*Each weekly quiz will come out on Fridays, and each team has until the following friday to sumit there answers but who ever sumit the correct answers first gets the points.

*Each team may govern themself as they please as long as they follow the basic roles of humen decency and of the super freak way.

*If anyone is caught cheating as in going into anouther teams chat room or anything of that nature points will be deducted and possible expulsion from the super freaks.

*At the end of each year, The team with the highest score or the most points will be the super freak of the year and get to become Vice Freak Master for the following year.

*The Freakmaster and Vice Freakmaster may change the rules as they see fit.

*ALL NEW MEMBERS Must put link to Lord of the Rings Super Freaks in there Journal!!! ^ . ^ They will be sent the Link upon joining.


Upon joining Lord of the Rings Super Freaks you get a link to a website for you team to do it's discussion and bidding upon related and unrelated events for the quizes and events that take place in the following community. All the same rules apply for the fourms as they do here. Any abuse of any sort will result in explusion from Lord of the Rings Super Freaks. Anyone going to anouther clubs link (except for the freakmaster or vice freakmaster, when there is something wrong with the fourm or webpage or they are investigateing a problem) will be immediately expelled from the group and a new webpage will be made for the team who's link was learned. All links MUST be kept secret as to prevent cheating. No Cheating will be tolerated! Thank You. Any other problems of issues feel free to contact me with them at anytime. My door is always open. ^ . ^


1. What is your name?

2. What is your quest?

3. What is your favorite color?

4. What is your age?

5. Have you read any of the LOTR books?

6. Have you seen the movies?

7. Do you own or have seen the extended versions?

8. Who is your least favorite character and why?

9. Who is your favorite and why?

10. Tom Bombadil…

11. Chess or checkers?

12. Do you own LOTR related action figures?

13. Do you own LOTR merchandise?

14. Who is your favorite actor or actress in the movies, and why?

15. Who is the king?

16. What happens in fangorn forest?

17. What is your favorite battle scene (book or movie) and why?

18. Describe or write your favorite song or poem in the book and why.

19. Where did the elves move and why?

20. What character (not your favorite) do you relate to the most?

Thank you for you time ^ . ^ we will get back to you on if you made it in or not or what group you got into with a day or so. Thanks!

-Freak Master


= Katie

-Vice Freak Master


= Christina

Remember this is all in good fun and just a game! ^ . ^