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Since NOBODY turned in the correct answer which is September 18th 3018 no one will get the points and we will now being going to the next quiz. Even if a team particapates and sumits a answer and it's wrong they will get particapation points.

The next question will be easy and from the reading:

What did frodo think he was going to get in trouble for while traveling across Farmer Maggots farm???

You have till next friday. Have fun, and I hope we get some acutal answers this time.

BTW 5 points are being awarded to the MEN time for actually discussing the topic on there boards. Plus they get to tell us what alterations they wish for there boards.

Thank you for your time and happy hunting.

Ta ta my loves


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Um, because Merry and Pippin had stolen his veggies when they ran into Frodo...

Yes *nods*
Nope sorry but close ^ . ^
You do get 5 pity points for the Dwarf team though!!! ^ . ~